After School Matters | Offers teens innovative out-of-school activities. Partnered with the City of Chicago, CPS, Chicago Public Library and Chicago Park District. Variety of activities that all help develop job skills.

Bureau of Land Management Fire and Aviation Program | The BLM, a leader in the nation’s management of wildland fire, carries out a broad range of actions to protect the public, natural landscapes, wildlife habitat, recreational areas, and other values and resources. The BLM’s Fire and Aviation Program is headquartered at the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in Boise, Idaho, where it works with seven other federal agencies to manage wildland fire, primarily in the western United States.

Chicago Actors Studio | Provide workshops and 1 on 1 training for stage and film acting. This well-known accredited and acclaimed training program is second to none, incorporating all the necessary skills that an actor must acquire to achieve & ensure a successful career. This includes skills such as scene study, character development, script analysis, voice & diction, monologues, cold reading, intro to Shakespeare, intro to Meisner, sense memory, improvisation, emotional recall & more!

Chicago School of Violin Making | The program's focus is on construction of instruments in the violin family. A minimum of seven instruments are built in the three years; of these, three must be violins and one must be a viola. The remaining three instruments are the student's choice, with instructor approval. The building of a cello is optional. Previous playing experience, while helpful, is not required for admission. Each student compiles a construction notebook from notes taken during demonstrations and lectures. Using diagrams, drawings, and written notes, this notebook becomes the student's bench manual in which revisions and additions will be made throughout the three years. The theory of sound production and violin design is incorporated into the construction learning process. Students are given opportunities through tours and visiting lecturers to see and hear violins made by old and modern masters

Farther Foundation | Provides scholarships for travel opportunities for low-income Chicago area HS students on the basis that travel can be a life-changing learning experience.

Green Corps Chicago | “We offer horticultural instruction, plant materials and technical assistance to organizations who garden in a public space - including schools, faith institutions, libraries, public housing communities and block clubs. We also provide a green jobs training program for qualified individuals.”

HighSight | Provides scholarships to low-income Chicago students to attend private high schools. The chance to attend a private (and academically better) high school greatly improves the student’s chances of getting into college and being prepared for college. HighSight provides scholarships, tutoring, mentoring, leadership development and college readiness programs to enable its students to attend and succeed at the private high school of their choice.

Hyde School Postgraduate Year | Along with traditional educational offerings such as academics, athletics, and the arts, Hyde School provides students with experiences that will guide, shape, and transform the way they view themselves and their families. Since its founding, Hyde School has been centered on the premise that character, attitude and effort will lead to academic excellence, significant achievement and personal fulfillment. Hyde is based on the belief that each individual is endowed with a unique potential that defines a destiny.

Illinois Solar Energy Association | The Illinois Solar Energy Association is a non-profit organization that promotes the widespread application of renewable energy through education and advocacy.  As the Illinois chapter of the American Solar Energy Society, we are the local resource for educational classes, events, renewable energy related policy developments, local news and access to local renewable energy vendors.

Medical School Scholarship Program, Latin American School of Medicine in Havana, Cuba | Medical training in Cuba. The courses are taught in Spanish. Six year program including one year rotating internship. Requirements: under 30 years old, us citizen, proficiency in college level science, one year biology, one year inorganic chemistry with lab, one year organic chemistry with lab, one year physics. Persons of color and/or low income are especially encouraged to apply.