ANCESTRAL LANDS CONSERVATION CORP | Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps (ALCC) offers a wide range of exciting crew and intern opportunities from our five office locations. While working at ALCC, you will experience highs, lows, triumphs, challenges, and everything else in between. Our crews and Individual Placement interns work together on various projects and through this experience, becoming part of the Ancestral Lands family. We come together from different communities and backgrounds to work and live together. Our positive impacts ripple out stronger when we work as a team to accomplish shared goals through meaningful project work. We are excited for you to join our Ancestral Lands family; come aboard and join today! 

Bureau of Land Management Fire and Aviation Program | The BLM, a leader in the nation’s management of wildland fire, carries out a broad range of actions to protect the public, natural landscapes, wildlife habitat, recreational areas, and other values and resources. The BLM’s Fire and Aviation Program is headquartered at the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in Boise, Idaho, where it works with seven other federal agencies to manage wildland fire, primarily in the western United States.

Seamester | Seamester offers a range of unique educational adventures where our students live full-time aboard either S/Y Ocean Star or S/Y Argo sailing from country to country. The shipboard educational programs are highly experiential and college-level accredited.

Semester at Sea | Do more, learn more, and go farther with Semester at Sea. Experience 7 - 12 countries in one global semester with transferable credit from the University of Virginia. Build global skills with preparation that stands out like nothing else on your resume.

The Elephant Sanctuary | The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, founded in 1995, is the nation’s largest natural-habitat refuge developed specifically for endangered elephants. It operates on 2,700 acres in Tennessee - 85 miles southwest of Nashville. Accepts applications for six-week internships. The intern positions are not paid positions. However, housing is provided. Particularly applicable for students considering a future career in zoology.