Hebron Academy Postgraduate Year | Hebron has been an inclusive and caring educational community that values ​​individuality and respects differences. Students are taught the liberal arts and sciences and educated to revere life and respect and honor individuality.

M.C. Richards Program | The M.C. Richards Program is a 9-month, residential program for passionate participants between 18 and 35 years old. This is based in Free Columbia, an arts initiative and school in the heart of Columbia County, NY.

Public Service Corps (PSC) | The New York City Public Service Corps (PSC) is the nation’s first and largest off-campus internship program for college students. PSC is dedicated to providing undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities to serve their communities. The Public Service Corps currently offers Federal Work-Study Program internships as well as placements in which students may work for academic credit. Students choose from internship opportunities in many City government agencies. Assignments are full-time.

Teens 4 Good | Philadelphia is a youth-led entrepreneurial farm that transforms vacant lots into urban gardens/farms, access to healthy food for communities, creating meaningful jobs for at-risk youth.

The Youth Environmental Stewardship |  or “YES” Program was launched to develop a cadre of youth stewards and community based workforce to steward nature in resource challenged communities.

World Teach  | Volunteers teach in developing countries; mostly English but sometimes math, science, computer skills or HIV/AIDS awareness. For year-long programs volunteers much have a bachelor’s degree. Summer program volunteers do not need to have a college degree but must be at least 18 years of age. World Teach programs are open to native speakers of English; volunteers do not need to be US citizens.

YouthBuild- | affiliated high school diploma program incorporating hands-on job training for youth ages 17 to 21. The Employment & Training Center provides job training, counseling, and placement services to empower job seekers to obtain new skills and career opportunities, and help businesses meet workforce demands with talented employees.