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Other Non-military Opportunities Pages | Index

    Alternatives to the Military/AFSC/Documents/National| “It’s My Life”  (national guide to be used anywhere in the U.S.) details alternative options to military service that still satisfy a taste for adventure and commitment to high ideals.

    Alternatives to Military Service/Michigan | a military alternatives page that came out if MediaMouse.org that was a leftist blog and news website covering Grand Rapids, Michigan. No longer an active group.

    Career Builders: counter recruitment / Chico Peace & Justice Center | is committed to helping young people find options beside the military for their future. For that reason our counter recruitment group has made this list of scholarships you can apply to online, as well as places you can find more.

    Project Great Futures/Los Angeles | works to provide Southern California youth with information about alternatives to military enlistment. We look for and promote programs and services which support, affirm, and encourage young people to fulfill their dreams.

    Youth Activists – Youth Allies /New York City | advances youth organizing as a strategy for youth development and social transformation. Through training and leadership experience. YA-YA prepares our participants to become the next generation of activists in the movement for social and economic justice.

    Youth & Non-military Opportunities/Project YANO/| A military alternative document selection. All are formatted for printing and one document covers the issue of careers in social change.


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