Alliance for California Traditional Arts | In our increasingly fractured society, we believe ACTA will play a critical role in shaping a positive future for California where the unique value of every culture is respected, sustained, and appreciated. Through our programs, services, and funding opportunities for the traditional arts, we are weaving a more integrated, just, and empathetic social fabric across California.
Last revised on April 10, 2022

Artist Immersion Program | The artist immersion program allows students of all backgrounds to live as artists while traveling abroad. Students learn new skills such as painting, drawing, and drama, while studying historical works of art. This Program includes 4 destinations: India, Spain, France and Italy.

Arts and Culture Internship / Cultural Museum | The Institute for Global Studies offers the possibility of working in the halls of prestigious museums around the world and conducts research in the area of cultural marketing through an internship program for young people.

ArtsBridge GapYear | Acting Intensive- ArtsBridge GapYear is a 15-week virtual intensive actor training program designed to bridge the high school and college experiences for young artists. With a core focus on Meisner technique, ArtsBridge GapYear offers a robust curriculum for acting and musical theater students led by renowned educators with college admission support and guidance by ArtsBridge consultants.

Berridge Creative Semester | Berridge Programs offers gap year and summer high school arts programs in the US and France led by professional artists. This 10-week program has 6 modules that blends cultural and community engagement, outdoor exploration, creative practice and French language learning.

Cultural & Art Activism | has emerged, mainly among urban youth, as a counter-cultural movement of the arts. Identifying itself with social movement themes, counter-militarism, racial and sexual discrimination for example, but focused on addressing these social problems through cultural expression, this type of activism has become a  gathering community that did not historically identify with the mainstream arts or social movements.

M.C. Richards Program | The M.C. Richards Program is a 9-month, residential program for passionate participants between 18 and 35 years old. This is based in Free Columbia, an arts initiative and school in the heart of Columbia County, NY.