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This latest generation called Z has only known their country as a purveyor of preemptive war in their lifetimes. The spectacle of militarized video games is shaping young lives and attitudes and normalizing a tacit acceptance of a permanent war economy. Pentagon programs are expanding in their public and charter schools to teach their own version of history and shaping school policies to insure that certain schools serve as a conduit for military recruitment.

Peaceful Career Alternatives is an informational resource for youth with limited life options. PCA is a necessary community project, where information is shared and networked as an intervention against an economic draft. We encourage all potential contributors, both individual and foundation, to share our concern for the militarizing of our most vulnerable youth, and the need to participate in promoting positive outcomes for their lives. This is a step in working toward our own collective viability as a peaceful and citizen based democracy.

Support PCA with a contribution to our fiscal sponsor, Alliance for Global Justice and select The National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth as the group to receive your contribution.

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Peaceful Career Alternatives is a national resource and a project of:
The National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth
c/o On Earth Peace, PO Box 188, 601 Main Street, New Windsor
Maryland, 21776-0188, USA | +1-443-671-7111 | www.nnomy.net

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