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In a time in the United States with escalating educational tuition and military budgets, many of our young people are finding themselves faced with few options for earning a degree or finding a career and turn to military offers of college funding and learning job skills. For more than half of those who have taken up the offer of a military career the result has been physical and mental health problems from combat related injuries. Additionally, many soldiers have experienced frustrations when facing the contradictions of their service versus the stated mission of United States military occupations internationally that seem unrelated to claims of democracy building.

The Peaceful Career Alternatives website has been developed with the support of multiple national, regional, and local peace and religious organizations to provide young people deciding how to begin their productive working lives with alternative ideas and options without entering military service.

We encourage school counselors, parents, teachers, and most of all our youth, to utilize this resource before recommending or deciding on a military career and to network this resource to those considering enlistment.

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